Be Prepared To Call Us To Fix A Broken Tooth

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In our previous post, we shared Eve’s story of how she got help in a dental emergency at our Huntsville, AL office. Today we want to discuss what you should do if you are dealing with a broken tooth.

This isn’t the only reason you might need emergency dental care, but it is more common than many people realize. It’s also why we hope you will keep our number, 256-801-0002, saved so you can contact us quickly if you need it.

Jennifer Perkins, DDS, wants to help you prevent problems whenever possible, but we also are ready to help if you need us.

Deal With Your Broken Tooth

Broken teeth can happen anytime and anywhere. Sure they can happen while you are playing sports. Missing a throw during your company’s softball game could create a problem. Falling or walking into something can damage your smile. Someone running into you can be just as bad. Even biting into a particularly hard food can damage your teeth.

Whatever the reason for your broken tooth, here’s what you should do about it:

Rinse your mouth. Many times, people will bleed since broken teeth are often the result of traumatic injuries. Rinse with water, use gauze to wipe away any blood, and repeat if needed until the bleeding stops.

• Cover your tooth. Broken teeth can have sharp edges or points. That can lead to another problem if you accidentally bite the inside of your mouth, your lips, or your tongue. You can use gauze or dental wax to cover the tooth until you can get to our dentist office.

• Ease the pain. If you are in pain, you can take an over-the-counter pain reliever. You also can apply a cold pack to the affected area. This can numb the pain and reduce swelling if your broken tooth was the result of a traumatic injury.

• Call us as soon as you can. As soon as you are able, call our office. We’ll do everything we can to stop your pain, repair your tooth, and restore your smile.

Take Preventive Steps

As we said, a broken tooth can happen at any time. Even so, there are times when a dental injury is more likely to occur. When you play sports you face a greater risk of injury than you do in your everyday life.

We aren’t saying this to discourage you from playing sports. However, you also should be wearing the right protection when you take the field or the court. This is why different sports require helmets, elbow pad, and shin guards. It’s also why you should be wearing an athletic mouthguard when you play sports. Statistically, you have a 60 times greater chance of suffering a dental injury if you don’t wear a mouthguard.

If you have questions about mouthguards, just ask.

Be Ready To Act

Our hope is the no one would ever have a broken tooth, a toothache, or a knocked-out tooth. Nevertheless, these things will happen to someone. If that someone is you or a person you care about, be ready to call Dr. Perkins’s office in Huntsville, AL for help.

You can reach us at 256-801-0002.



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