Be Thankful To Get Dental Implants

Later this month, we hope you are able to gather with family or close friends. Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving in person or virtually, we also hope you are able to enjoy a delicious meal.

Unfortunately, we also know many of you are missing teeth or have loose-fitting dentures that seem to slip and slide when you try to bite and chew. This can be frustrating and it can keep you from eating some of your favorite foods during the holidays and throughout the year.

You can eat what you want again by getting dental implants. They help you fill the gap in your smile, and they restore your ability to bite and chew as well as you could when you had a full set of healthy teeth.

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Create A Connection

One of the big problems with traditional dentures is that they rest over your gums. As a result, your new “teeth” aren’t connected to your jawbone. In contrast, your natural teeth are embedded in your jaw by their roots.

That connection is invaluable when it comes to your bite. This allows you to generate more power when you bite down on something, which makes it much easier to eat a wide variety of things like corn on the cob, apples, or a piece of pecan pie. That force also helps when you are chewing a bite of fried chicken, steak, or a Thanksgiving ham or turkey.

To restore your biting power, you need to replace more than just your lost teeth. You need to create a connection between your new teeth and your jaw. This is where dental implants come into play.

Implants are replacements for the roots of missing teeth. Implants are placed directly in your jawbone. These artificial roots provide that missing connection when you attach crowns, bridges, or dentures to them. When you have recovered from your placement procedure, you will be able to bite and chew practically as you could before you lost your teeth.

Bring Back & Maintain Your Bite

Implants serve another important function as well. When you have implant-supported dentures, you are stimulating your jaw every time you take a bite or chew something. That stimulation causes your jaw to create new bone tissue. This is essential to maintaining your healthy jaw because old tissue is constantly being absorbed back into your body. If that old tissue is not replaced, then your jaw will become smaller and weaker over time.

This also explains why traditional dentures become looser over time. As your jaw shrinks, it changes the shape of your mouth. This in turn affects how your dentures fit and feel. As a result, they move around more easily, even with gobs of denture adhesives.

That’s also another reason to invest in implants (and it is an investment in your long-term oral health). With implants, you won’t need to use any adhesive to keep your restorations securely in place.

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