Visiting Us Can Ease Your Dental Anxiety (video)

Cynthia developed anxiety about going to the dentist because of some bad experiences she had as a child. She admits that caused her to put off dental care longer than she should. Routine checkups have become a lot easier since she started visiting Jennifer Perkins, DDS, in Huntsville, AL. With the help of our compassionate team and oral sedation dentistry, she has become a regular patient here ...

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Your Favorite Smiles Deserve Complete Care

Nothing is more important than family. You want them to be happy. You want them to be healthy. These are good reasons to find a family dentist office where all your loved ones feel comfortable. As your kids and you get older, your dental needs will change. Your family dentist should be able to keep up with those changes as well. Our team at the office of Jennifer Perkins, DDS can be that ...

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It’s About More Than Fixing Your Smile

We would love it if every patient could keep all their teeth for life, but … We also know that things happen. More than 90 percent of people will get at least one cavity. More than half of all people will develop gum disease at one time or another — and gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in the United States. And accidents will happen. We’ve treated countless people who ...

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Go Undercover to Straighten Your Smile (video)

Spy stories have always made for popular entertainment. According to those stories, one of the keys to being a good spy is the ability to keep secrets. We can’t offer you spy training, but we can help you go “undercover” with your orthodontic treatment thanks to Invisalign® clear aligners. Unlike the brackets and wires used with traditional braces, the aligners are almost invisible when ...

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Three Tips for Healthy Summer Smiles (infographic)

Nothing will spoil a summer day faster than a dental emergency. Whether it’s a toothache or a broken tooth, you don’t want to spend your vacation fixing a problem with your mouth. We want you to enjoy your summer sports and family trips as much as possible. This is why we’ve put together some tips to keep smiling those healthy smiles … until the first day of school in the fall. And ...

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A Straight Smile Can Be Your Early Christmas Present

Have you started working on your Christmas wish list yet? If not, now might be the perfect time to get a gift for yourself — straight teeth! You may be thinking that braces won’t be finished by then. How could you have a straight smile in time for your yuletide celebrations? It’s possible if you call our Huntsville, AL dentist office at 256-801-0002 today to ask how you can get started ...

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You Can Restore More Than Just Your Missing Teeth (video)

You are more likely to have oral health problems if your parents had oral health issues, too. David knows this better than most. His parents lost their teeth in their early 30s. As you’ll hear in the video below, he’s had his own troubles with tooth loss. Thankfully, he visited our office in Huntsville, AL, and we helped him restore his smile and his ability to chew comfortably with dental ...

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Give The Gift of A Whiter, Brighter Smile

This is a big moment for your son or daughter. And if you are being honest, there may have been times you wondered if the day would ever come, but it’s here. Your son is getting married. Your daughter is graduating from college. And there’s something you could do for both of them to make their big days even better. You could give them the gift of whiter teeth. You know in your ...

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Three Reasons You Should Visit the Dentist Soon!

You’ve put your family’s needs ahead of your own for years, maybe even decades. Now, it’s time to do something for yourself. It’s time to give yourself the smile you’ve always wanted … or to restore the smile that you once had. The good news is that you can do that at dentist our office in Huntsville, AL. Jennifer Perkins DDS and our team want can help you transform your smile. ...

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New Dental Patients Are Friends We Haven’t Met Yet (video)

Jennifer Perkins DDS decided to open her own office so she could practice dentistry the way it should be done. She wanted to make decisions based on her relationships with her patients. That’s why we view every new patient who visits us as a friend we haven’t met yet. We also believe that’s why so many patients return to our office after their initial appointment at our Huntsville, AL ...

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