Save Your Smile By Doing The ‘Wise’ Thing

smile_makeover_3 | Dr. Jennifer Perkins, DDS

Try to imagine being in your mid-30s. You’re back at the dentist for the third time in the past eight months.

You’ve had three cavities in the back of your mouth in the past year. It’s painful. It’s a little embarrassing, and if you have to take time off work, you can think of a hundred things you would rather do than get another filling.

The thing is, all of those problems could have been avoided if your wisdom teeth had been removed years ago. For most people, wisdom teeth have the potential cause a lifetime of problems. This is why we recommend removing them before those problems can develop.

Jennifer Perkins, DDS, has been helping people protect their smiles for nearly three decades. She can make sure your wisdom teeth extraction is handled professionally and painlessly at our Huntsville, AL dental office.

If you or someone in your family could benefit from having their third molars taken out, call us 256-801-0002 today!

Understanding The Possible Problems

The primary problem for most of us is that our jaws are not large enough for our third molars to erupt correctly. We know this in part because our jaws are smaller than our ancient ancestors based on the fossil record.

When our wisdom teeth come in (generally in our late teens or early 20s), they often are pushing into spaces where they simply don’t fit. The results of this can be:

  • Pushing into nearby teeth
  • Changing the appearance of smiles
  • Increasing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease
  • Pain

For a patient who just completed orthodontic treatment, having wisdom teeth undo the effects of that work could be frustrating. For someone who has had a healthy smile, repeated problems with teeth in the back of their mouth can become costly.

And well, no one wants pain in their mouth, so that’s something we all want to avoid.

Nip Your Problems In The Bud

We know you know this saying. We’ve heard it many times over the years.

The best way to identify this problem by scheduled regular dental cleanings and exams at Dr. Perkins’s office. During your visits, we’ll give you a throughout and professional cleaning.

The exam is equally important. In addition to looking for decay or gum infections, we’ll take digital X-rays to monitor changes in your teeth. When you get regular exams, we’ll be able to track your third molars. This lets us figure out if your teeth could cause problems before those problems start to affect you and your smile.

If needed, we can schedule your wisdom teeth removal. With our dental sedation, you can feel confident that we can complete this process without causing you any pain.

We’ll explain exactly what you need to do to heal from the procedure, too. And trust us, the mild discomfort following the procedure is nothing compared to a lifetime of infections.

Deal With Them Now Or Pay For It Later

For some people, wisdom teeth create any issues, but for too many of us, leaving these teeth in simply isn’t worth the risks. To find out if your wisdom teeth should be taken out, come take to Dr. Perkins. Call 256-801-0002 or contact us online to request an appointment at our Huntsville, AL dental office.

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