Schedule Your Oral Cancer Screening With Us

Why do you visit the dentist? To keep your mouth healthy and your smile attractive? Those are great reasons, but we want to add one more — to fight oral cancer.

Get an Oral Cancer Screening

When you make us your family dental office, you can get an oral cancer screening when you come in for a dental cleaning and exam. While we can’t diagnose oral cancer, we do know potential signs. We can let you know so you can make an appointment with your doctor if something needs further inspection.

Check Yourself

Even if you visit us every six months, a lot can happen between visits. Being able to complete a self-check can help you, too. Once a month or so, you can take a little time to look for these symptoms:

  • Red or white patches on the soft tissues of your mouth
  • Sores that don’t seem to get better
  • Lumps, thick area, or rough spots on the soft tissues of your mouth
  • Changes in how your teeth fit with each other
  • Pain or trouble swallowing, speaking, or eating

Take Steps to Reduce Your Risk

Avoiding or quitting tobacco is one of the best things you can do to minimize your risk of developing oral cancer. Limiting or avoiding alcohol consumption is also beneficial in this regard. If you are eligible, you also can get vaccinated against HPV.

we welcome you to call 256-801-0002 to schedule an appointment at Jennifer Perkins DDS in Huntsville, AL. Check our website regularly for updated information on the treatments we can provide or contact us online.

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