Stay Healthy With Help From Sedation Dentistry

sedation_2 | Dr. Jennifer Perkins, DDS

You know that you should visit the dentist. You know that you want a healthy smile. Yet, you have some anxiety about dental care.

If so, it’s OK. Millions of people have some level of fear about going to the dentist. Sedation dentistry can help you manage those feelings so you can get the care that you need.

Stay Pain-Free

Pain is one of the most common concerns mentioned by patients who are anxious about general dental care or about particular procedures. Sedation effectively blocks you from feeling pain, so you can get the work done that you need.

Stay Relaxed

Pain-blocking is only one of the benefits of sedation dentistry. Sedation also eases your mind and reduces worry, which makes it easier to ease into dental care.

Take Things One Step at a Time

With sedation, you can make the first dental appointment in years. With sedation, each dental visit gets a little easier. Sedation can get you back in the door and help you build better oral care habits going forward.

At the office of Jennifer Perkins DDS in Huntsville, AL, we welcome you to call 256-801-0002. Check our website regularly for updated information on the treatments we can provide or contact us online.

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