Growing up I had some experiences that were not very good and so, coming to the dentist was something that I put off as much as possible, which isn’t a really good idea. Coming here, I’m able to come in with a lot less anxiety because I know the kind of care that I’ll get when I come here. Doing the oral sedation was a new thing for me, and that was fantastic and something that I will definitely do again. It makes it so much better. I would say on a scale of 1 to 10, I’m your 12 patient that comes in. So yeah, anxiety level very high but they, like I say, do their best to calm you down and make sure you’re warm and comfortable and if you need something to drink or just need to take a break for a second, they’re always willing to do that.

Knowing that the oral sedation is an option for me helps me not put off things that I should take care of before they become more of a problem. It makes it easier for me to go in and get the care that I need. My family and I have been seeing Doctor Perkins for almost 15 years. My kids have grown up going here and they don’t mind coming to the dentist at all and from someone who grew up being terrified of going to the dentist, I love that they’ve had that experience of not worrying about it at all. We recommend them to anybody that we know or come in contact with that’s new to the area that needs a dentist and just let them know that there are other people out there that are as scared as I was and that there is a place that they can go and have good care.

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