Dr. Perkins and her staff are very accommodating, always kind, considerate, helpful when need to get in for something extra, but anytime they’re always very nice. My mom is also a patient here, and they have been very accommodating to get her in. She’s not always a easy patient so, they’ve always been very nice to her and helpful trying to get her happy, get her teeth in order. Well, I’ve never felt uncomfortable coming, and they’re just always friendly.

I did not want braces. That’s something that was … I didn’t think was a option. Never really needed them as a child, but just as an adult I felt that I needed to have my teeth straightened some, and the Invisalign just seemed to be the way to go, and it’s easy. I could take it off. It was something people didn’t notice when I did wear. I think I have a good smile now so, just need to do that more maybe.

Dr. Perkins gives options, and then will help you figure out which is the best option to go with when you have any issues with your teeth, and just the staff has always been very friendly, helpful, try to get you in when it works for you as well as them. It’s just been a good experience.

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