Well, they’ve been very nice to me and have helped me get this beautiful smile because about seven years ago, I took a tumble in the backyard while I was working, and I knocked out about four or five of my upper teeth. I spent about six hours in a chair in this office then while she put me back together. She had to put my lip back together, and I ended up with beautiful teeth, and therefore, I have a nice smile now. My husband called the office and said, “Eve has knocked out her upper front teeth,” and by the time I got here, which was probably about 20 minutes, she had cleared her calendar for the entire day, and I was in the chair for almost six hours.

So, yes, she took care of me right away, and when I left here that day, I had a temporary in that was very nice. It saved me from going around like this. After I knocked the teeth out, then she had to make me, or have made, a whole bridge that went across six teeth, across the top. For really the first time in my life, I have nice, pretty teeth.

Dr. Perkins is someone who puts their best foot forward all the time and wants to do the best for you and is always available for you. I know she’s come in on Christmas Eve to see my husband when he broke a tooth so, Dr. Perkins is very accommodating for all of her patients.

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