Save Your Smile from the Effects of Tooth Decay

You never noticed that black spot on your tooth before. No worries, right? It’s probably just something you ate. You try to rinse it with a bit of water, but it’s still there. You decide to brush your teeth. After all, you’ll be going to bed soon anyway. Brushing your teeth doesn’t help either. Then it starts to dawn on you. You may have a cavity. If you do, it’s OK. No one ...

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Look Forward to Great Family Dentistry Right Here

We are looking forward to life returning to normal this year. We hope that gives you and your loved ones many reasons to smile. Family dentistry can make a big difference in your favorite people’s smiles this year and for many years to come. Our team wants to keep your mouths as healthy as they can be, so you can look good in photos and enjoy eating your favorite food. At the office of ...

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Make Us Your Emergency Dentist Office

Accidents happen, and sometimes, those accidents affect your smile. Eve learned this firsthand years ago when she took a fall. She needed an emergency dentist, and she found one at our office. “Dr. Perkins is someone who puts their best foot forward all the time and wants to do the best for you,” Eve said. To hear more about Eve’s emergency dental care, take a few moments to watch the ...

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4 Kinds of Oral Surgery to Help You

Oral surgery can be important for a number of reasons. We are happy that we can offer a variety of surgical services at our practice. With the Chao Pinhole™ Technique, we can reverse the effects of receding gums on your smile. With socket preservation, we can keep your jaw ready to receive implants. We also can remove teeth when needed for your health or to prepare for orthodontic ...

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Bring Back Your Healthy Bite This Year

Whether you have loose teeth, lost teeth, or damaged teeth, you may not have the ability to bite and chew as well as you once could. You can restore your healthy bite with our restorative dentistry in Huntsville, AL. Dental Fillings Something as simple as tooth decay may affect how much force you put into each bite and chew. Getting a dental filling can allow you to eat normally again. Dental ...

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Create a Better Smile in Six Months

This is the year you could have a better smile. That might mean having straighter teeth, and you may be able to achieve that goal sooner than you think. We offer a cosmetic orthodontic treatment called Six Months Smiles. These braces focus on the teeth that people see, which makes it easier to complete your treatment. Watch the video below to learn more, or better yet, schedule a consultation ...

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3 Reasons To Make Us Your Home For Family Dentistry

You and your loved ones deserve to have great oral care. We are confident you will find that if you take advantage of our family dentistry in Huntsville, AL. Here are some important reasons why we think you should visit us in 2021: 1. Your Comfort Matters To Us At the office of Jennifer Perkins DDS, we don’t care for teeth. We care for people. It’s why we offer comfort options and dental ...

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In The New Year, Create Your New Smile

When 2021 arrives, we hope you have many reasons to smile. One of those reasons might be your new smile. With our cosmetic services, you could have the smile of your dreams. To begin your smile transformation, schedule a consultation with Jennifer Perkins DDS at our office in Huntsville, AL. We welcome you to call 256-801-0002. Check our website regularly for updated information on the treatments we ...

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Tooth Loss Doesn’t Have To Take Away Your Smile

David comes from a family that has a history of tooth loss. He wasn’t surprised when he had similar issues, but he also got lifelike teeth replacements with help from our team. “Everything is working well, and as long as I keep up the maintenance, I think everything will be fine,” he said. If you are concerned about repair or replacing teeth, take the time to talk to us. We can ...

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Take the Stress Out Of Oral Care With Pain-Free Dentistry

Patients who have been avoiding visits to the dentist out of stress, fear, or anxiety, can now take major steps forward in achieving better oral health and overall wellness. At our dental office in the Huntsville, AL area, you can stay stress- and pain-free dentistry with sedation dentistry. What is Sedation Dentistry? Dental sedation continues to become more popular and more widely available ...

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