Dress Up Your Smile … for More Than Halloween (infographic)

One of our favorite things about Halloween is dressing up in costumes and seeing other people’s costumes. Many times people with get fake teeth to wear to make them look a little scarier, depending on what they are trying to be. What if, however, you wanted to dress up your smile to make it look better? And not just for Halloween. You could have a better-looking smile year round with our ...

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Our Dental Team Can Ease Your Anxiety

Being a little frightened can be fun. When you go to a “haunted” house for Halloween or see someone dressed as a monster, you know that’s is all in good spirits. (No pun intended.) But there are many people who have real fears and anxieties that affect them all year. One of the most common, unfortunately, is a sincere fear of the dentist. We understand this is a real concern, and it’s ...

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We Are Here For You During a Dental Emergency (video)

We’ve all fallen down a time or two, so we can relate to Eve’s story. As she puts it, she “took a tumble” years ago ... and knocked out multiple teeth in the process. That was a serious dental emergency. As you’ll hear, Jennifer Perkins, DDS, took the time to fix the problem so Eve could have a natural-looking smile once again. While we hope you’ll never need emergency dental ...

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You Can Reconstruct Your Smile

Have you ever lost something that was really precious to you? As a child, this may have a been a special toy. As an adult, it may be something that can't be replaced. It could also be something important to your health — like your teeth. We've seen how tooth loss affects many patients on many levels, including emotionally, at our Huntsville, AL practice. When you are missing your ...

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Five Ways to Get Your Smile Ready for the Holidays

September is almost over, which means … Halloween is near. Thanksgiving is close behind, and Christmas items might be in stores before either of those other holidays arrives. All of those celebrations are good reasons to take lots of pictures to share on social media. It also makes now a great time to schedule an appointment for some cosmetic dentistry. At our Huntsville, AL dental office, ...

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Call Us to Get Help Quickly During a Dental Emergency (video)

Don’t wait to get help. If you need emergency dental care, call 256-801-0002 right away to reach the office of Jennifer Perkins, DDS, in Huntsville, AL. As Dr. Perkins explains in the video below, we want to end your pain as quickly as possible. We will invite you to our office the day that you call us whenever we can. If you call after our regular hours, a member of our team will get back ...

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Crowns Can Fix Your Damaged Teeth (infographic)

Teeth break. Teeth crack. Teeth also can become decayed, discolored, or worn-down over time. To fix these problems, you can get a simple but long-lasting solution. A dental crown at our Huntsville, AL dental office can give you back your smile. Plus, you can eat the foods that you love with today’s durable crowns. To learn more or to make an appointment with Jennifer Perkins, DDS, call ...

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Your Gums Matter to Your Oral Healthy & Your Smile

If you like having teeth, then you need to give your gums some love. Many people don’t realize that gum disease is the top cause of tooth loss in the United States. To keep your smile looking its best, our team in Huntsville, AL is prepared to help you prevent infections and to treat periodontal problems you may already have. As a refresher, we’ll go over the things you can do to keep ...

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Good Dentistry Starts With Trust & Caring (video)

Trust is an important aspect of dental care. Jamie decided to fix her teeth because of the trust she has in our team at the office of Jennifer Perkins, DDS. You’ll hear in the video below that Jamie had dental anxiety before she came to see us. Now, she feels comfortable coming to our Huntsville, AL location. Your comfort — like Jamie’s comfort — is a priority for us. Let us show ...

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Don’t Lose Your Chance to Keep Your Healthy Smile

Picture this. You set aside some money to get tickets to the Iron Bowl. When your tickets arrive, you put them in a place where you know they’ll be safe until you are ready to use them. Then, on the day of the game, you … stay at home? (You don’t try to sell the tickets, so you don’t get your money back, either.) Sounds crazy, right? Why would you spend money on something and ...

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